Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness | 121 MB

During their trek to the other side of the mountains, Lynn and her mentor, the renowned Professor William Dyer, make a discovery that seems to bring all previous beliefs into question: A fallen thousand-yr-old city, its monumental structures and epic secrets frozen in eternal ice. None of Dyer’s hypotheses can explain the city’s existence: Who or what haunts this place? Is it the crtion of an unknown primitive people? Ancient Spirits? Or worse...

A stunning adventure based on the masterful novel by H. P. Lovecraft. An expedition into a mysterious past. Take a dive into this fantastic journey and discover the terrors lurking around in the Mountains of Madness.

*Adventure-style hidden object gameplay
*Thousands of clues
*Thrilling mini-games
*Amazing soundtrack




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