Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel
PC game | English | Publisher:Pinball Wizards | 63 MB

Balls of Steel is a pinball game that ftures five tables with edge and attitude. No lame circus, zoo, or cutesy themes here! We're talking blood and gore, with animated crtures getting splattered by your ball and laser cannons dishing out hardcore destruction. There are 5 tables that comprise the entire Balls of Steel package; one of which is a Duke Nukem Table! Balls of Steel is rlistic, first and foremost, with rl physics behind the ball movement and table obstacles. This game behaves like you'd expect it to. On top of that, there are many special effects and table animations.

1. Install the game by running the SETUP.EXE or the WINSTALL.EXE.
2. Run the BOS 1.3 update. <---- Makes it Win 2000/XP Compatible.
3. Play the gameDownload

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