Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Special Forces: Nemesis Strike [Rip]

Special Forces: Nemesis Strike
PC game | English | re: Modern Shooter | 188 MB

You belong to an elite force fighting against global counter-terrorism. Your tm is made up of two Cr@ck ats poised to rct to any thrt. Stlth Owl is an infiltration expert, whose skills are accuracy and skydiving. Raptor uses wpons of mass destruction and favours close combat. Your main objective is to dismantle the NEMESIS network and retrieve the stolen technology. But by changing the chemical properties of certain proteins, the terrorists have made their fighters much more aggressive...


* The famous global anti-terrorist squad is back in 3D on console for a totally new gaming experience.
* Dynamic effects on impacts, shock waves and explosions
* Two characters employing different skills , depending on the situation, provide a range of combat methods.
* A vast selection of wpons and equipment represent state-of-the-art, anti-terrorist technology and are inspired by the latest military technological developments.
* Terrifying aerial combat in free fall requiring precision and a highly developed sense of direction!
* Requisition vehicles and change tactics! Use jeeps, boats, hovercrafts, etc.
* Enemies rct to situations, plan raids, retrts and strategic offensives.

Install Notes
1. unrar and run "setup.bat"
2. Copy the content of Cr@ck folder to your game DIR
3. Start game with "CT Special Forces.exe" Download

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