Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fishing Simulator 2011

Fishing Simulator 2011 | 83 Mb

Drming of a fishing holiday in the north? The latest version of the popular fishing game “Fishing Simulator” will this yr be taking place on the coarse lakes in northern Europe. ch salmon in norwegian cold mountain strms or fish for a particularly large bass in the clr lakes of Finland. Visit rivers in Estonia to hunt fish and admire the magnificent winter scenery. It is up to you how and where you will ch the biggest fish! Guaranteed variety!

Ftures :
-60 loions with brthtaking northern scenery, lakes and rivers.
-Explore new waters and go hunting for the big ch.
-Win prizes and buy new, better equipment such as fishing rods, floats, bait and more.
-Fishing Simulator 2011 offers a challenging game for beginners and true fishing fans.
-Day and night mode
-Varied wther
-Fish Radar


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