Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dd or Alive 2

Dd or Alive 2
Region: NTSC-U
Size: 211 MB
Language: English
Publisher: Tecmo
Relse: 2000
re: Fighting
Platform: DC
Drmcast emulator

The world has become a very chaotic and disoriented place ever since the tragic murder of Fame Douglas, the sponsor of the ledary "Dd or Alive 1 World Combat Championship". We must now rely on you to ensure that the world returns back to a state of pce.

With 12 characters to choose from, your mission is to win the championship and save the world from the Tengu Disaster that will take place at the century's end. Your ability to battle using various fighting techniques will determine your character's fate. Will you fight for life or fight to the dth?

A port of the popular arcade fighter, Dd or Alive 2 offers a new tag-tm mode, multi-level fighting arenas, and more smarmy female ation than you can shake a stick at.

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