Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monsters, Inc. Scare Island

Monsters, Inc. Scare Island
PC game | Publisher: Disney Interactive | 122 Mb

It might not be OK to jump out from behind bushes to scare kids in rl life, but in Monsters, Inc. Scare Island, players won't get very far without frking out plenty of virtual kids. Playing as either the diminutive Mike or the gigantic Sulley, the goal is pretty simple: to maneuver through training grounds on Scare Island, avoid menaces like toys and alarm clocks, grab food, and scare as many little ones as you can in the time allotted. Robotic children called Nerves are designed by the monsters to test players' abilities and separate the elite Scarers from the "wannabes."

Unlock all the secrets of Scare Island to find and scare all the "Nerves" and become the "Top Scarer" of the Monster Academy.


* In this game, kids will have to unlock all the secrets of Scare Island, and scare all the Nerves, to graduate with Top Scaring s!
* Play as Mike or Sulley, the characters from the hit
* Travel through 16 scare zones, using scare moves to frk out the Nerves
* Go to the Training Ground to perfect your jumping, pouncing & scaring skills
* Travel through arctic and desert levels to uncover Nerves & scare them

System Requirements:

* 266MHz processor or higher
* 32MB RAM
* 30MB free hard space
* 8MB graphics card with 3D acceleration
* 8x -ROM drive

1. unrar & double click "RegSetup.exe" file
2. Start game with 'MonstersInc.exe' in \BIN folder.Download

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