Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Power Stone 2

Power Stone 2
Language: English
Publisher: Capcom
re: 3D Fighting
Platform: DC
Size: 291 MB
Drmcast emulator
Power Stone 2 turns up the ht on Capcom's classic 3D fighter with support for up to four challengers, taking versus battle to the next level with frantic multiplayer melees. New levels fturing multi-tiered ars within a single map add even more mayhem to the mix. The sequel also adds a completely new range of kooky wpons as well as several new modes.

Game Ftures:
* variety of gameplay modes
* supports four players
* interactive environments
* collect Power Stones to transform into alter egos
* large of wpons and hiding places
NOTE: You have to select 50 Hz mode as it starts up / do not test or select 60 HzDownload

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