Tuesday, May 24, 2016

World War II Combat: Road to Berlin (Rip)

World War II Combat: Road to Berlin | 105 MB
PC game | Publisher: Groove Games | re: First-Person Shooter
A high-intensity first person shooter set in and around the chaotic battle grounds of Berlin during the final days of WWII, where there was a dramatic race between U.S. and Russian forces to capture German prototypes, resrch and top scientists. The spoils of this race altered the direction of the Cold War and the world at large for decades to come.

Players are cast as Stephen Moore, a young r in the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. Moore's mission is to race into Berlin and bt Stalin's armies to the highly-advanced German "Vengnce Wpons" resrch. Players scrounge for wpons, hide from patrols, and fight against both the Russian and German armies in 10 exciting single-player levels in a variety of environments. Single player levels include document retrieval and delivery, close contact skirmishes and stlth missions. Online play ftures VIP Escort, Dthmatch and single or Tm King of the Hill modes.
Single player: new profile > crte profile > campaign

Install Notes:
1) unrar and run 'setup.bat'
2) Play game with 'Berlin.exe' in \System folder.Download

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