Tuesday, May 24, 2016

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter EX Edition

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter EX Edition (NTSC-J)
Size: 219 MB
Publisher: Capcom
re: Fighting
Platform: PSX
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter was relsed for the Playstation in 1998 and was met with largely negative reviews. Due to the limited RAM the hardware had, Capcom had to change a lot of stuff in this version. The animation in this port was considerably cut down, the frame-rate took a dive and the load times were long. Known as X-Men Vs. Street Fighter EX Edition in Japan, probably because it's extra sucky. The main changes to this version:

*No tag tm option. You can select two characters, but you only get to play as the first one. The second can only be called on during tag hyper combos and tag counters.

*Fights are now in the traditional best 2 of 3 rounds format.

*Vitality recharging is still in but you just have to try and avoid taking hits for several to get the red part of the vitality gauge to turn green.

It isn't all bad news though as this version is the only one that lets you play as Apocalypse without resorting to , plus there are training and survival modes (neither of which are present in the Saturn version) but overall, this port isn't good.


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