Tuesday, May 24, 2016


PC game | English | Sci-Fi Shooter | 125 Mb

RoboBlitz is a fast-paced action game fturing puzzle-solving and unique physics-based wpons. Players blast through over 15 levels of high-intensity action as Blitz, a multi-talented robot on a mission to save its factory from a band of invading mechanical brains.

RoboBlitz combines the power of the Unrl Engine 3 and Ageia PhysX, which offers players a world built entirely from the latest in game technology and robot control theory. Completely driven by physics and without a single frame of hand-made animation, RoboBlitz offers the player a tremendous level of freedom and crtivity through its interactive environments and emert behaviors.

At the 2005 Developer Forum, Game Developer Conference, and E3, Naked Sky demonstrated an all physics-driven, fully playable Unrl Engine 3-based game demo specifically designed for the new dual-core processor. This demo eventually became RoboBlitz.


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