Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Panzer Commander

Panzer Commander
PC game | English | re: Tank Sim | 443 MB

Panzer Commander is a hard-core rl time simulation of WWII tank combat, from the perspective of the ch major side in the war. ch tank is modeled at the highest level of detail, and the game was built from the ground up with rlism and accuracy in mind. Focusing on gamers who are most interested in the "nuts and bolts" of tank combat, this game is not intended for the casual gamer, altough play is not that difficult.

Once you've chosen your tank, you can control it from either the Commander, driver, main, or machine gunner's position the AI takes over whatever positions you aren't controlling directly. There are six long campaigns, and a scenario editor which allows players to construct their own missions. Multiplayer options add the the replay factor. In addition to controlling tanks, you may commandeer trucks, recon units, pillboxes, and enemy aircraft.

1. or Mount.
2. Install the game.
3. Play!Download

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