Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Amazing Adventures: Riddle of the Two Knights

Amazing Adventures: Riddle of the Two Knights | 70 mb

A medieval chessboard believed to hold amazing secrets has been unrthed. It's an incredible archeological find but unfortunately all the game pieces are missing. Clues to their resting places abound however and it's up to you to loe them. Can you find the pieces and figure out the secret of the chessboard?

Travel from the crowded bazaars of Morocco to the snow-swept mountains of Switzerland in srch of these ancient artifacts. Explore 25 exotic loions as you track them down scouring through more than 2,000 cleverly hidden objects. Take on eight unique types of mini-games, discover 50 hidden crowns, and unlock two bonus game modes.

Game Ftures:
• Revl the secret behind an ancient chessboard in this magnificent Hidden Object srch.
• Explore 25 exotic locales from the bazaars of Morocco to the mountains of Switzerland.
• Play eight unique mini-games including Spot the Difference and Simon Says.
• Loe hidden crowns to unlock two other unlimited play modes.


Rar : bestoldgamesforyou.blogspot.com

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