Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Andromizer Pro v4.3.2

Andromizer is a universal tools that can be used sily and safely. Can be use the settings, twks and tools on Android devices. *Requires ROOT and BUSYBOX Supported Devices
All of Android Devices(Phone,Phablet,Tablet…) Supported Android
Android 3.0 or higher -Settings
One-Touch Settings
WiFi Scan Interval
WindowMgr Max Events Per Second
Force GPU Rendering
L Density
Dalvik Hp Size
Wipe Dalvik-Cache
Reboot - Twks
One-Touch Kernel Twk
Governor Control(Custrom Kerenl)
CPU Voltage Control(Custrom Kerenl)
GPU Clock/Voltage Control(Custrom Kerenl)
Battery Charge Control(Custrom Kerenl)
Build.prop Manager
System apps Remove/Restore
3G/4G Twk
CPU Settings
I/O Scheduler Settings
Memory(RAM) Settings - Tools
One-Touch Optimize(for low spec)
IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore(Specific Devices)
Kernel Updater(Specific Devices)
Recovery Updater(Specific Devices)
Make kernel update(flash) zip(Specific Devices)
Make recovery update(flash) zip(Specific Devices)
ROM Clner
User apps and data Backup/Restore
System app\'s data Backup/Restore
SMS Backup/Restore
Call logs Backup/Restore
- TWRP Manager
TWRP One-Touch Backup
TWRP One-Touch Restore
TWRP One-Touch Wipe
TWRP One-Touch Installer
Recovery Boot -Philz Touch Recovery
Philz One-Touch Backup
Philz One-Touch Restore
Philz One-Touch Wipe
Philz One-Touch Installer
Recovery Boot One-Touch Kernel Twk
* Depending on the type of kernel is displayed and can use it.
CPU Scaling/Governor
CPU Suspend Scaling
I/O Scheduler
Front Buffer rly Suspend Delay
CPU Idle Mode
Multicore Power Saving
Dynamic FSync
ZRAM Settings
Touch Wake Control
Fast Charge Control
SD card rd ahd buffer size Specific Ftures
IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore
Kernel Updater
Recovery Updater
Kernel/Recovery Updater
Recovery Boot
Make kernel update(flash) zip
Make recovery update(flash) zip Specific Ftures – Galaxy S4
GT-I9505,SPH-L720,SGH-M919,SGH-I337,SGH-I337M Specific Ftures – Galaxy S3
SGH-T999,SGH-I747,SGH-I747M Specific Ftures – Galaxy Note 1
SHV-E160S,SHV-E160K,SHV-E160L Specific Ftures – Galaxy Note 2
SPH-L900,SGH-T889,SGH-T889V,SGH-L317,SGH-I317M,SCH-I605,SCH-R950 Specific Ftures – Galaxy Note 10.1
GT-N8000,GT-8013,GT-N8020,SHW-M480S,SHW-M480K,SHW-M480W,SHV-E230S,SHV-E230K Specific Ftures-VEGA Iron
That occurs while using this appliion developer are not responsible for any problems.
Using this program mns that you agree with the statement above.
Own Your Risk!! What's New in Andromizer Pro v4.3.2
[Ver 4.3.2]
System apps manager bug fixed.
[Ver 4.3.1]
Improved mount sd-card path for KiKat(4.4.x).
priv-app remover ftures added in System apps remover.
GPU Control Type added.(Custom Kernel)
CPU Clock Settings are some improved.
Google account checking added.(pro)
Some bugs fixed and improved.
[Ver 4.2.8]
External SD mount-path one more fixed.
FastCharge Control type fture fixed.
More some bugs fixed. More Info in Google Play
Down File from Google Drive
Down File from Dropbox.com

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