Tuesday, May 24, 2016

C1-01 microSD Memory Card MMC not detected solution

This solution below can be used to fix C1-01 microSD memory card not detected problem issues, this problem may possibly occurred if the device suffered wet or water damaged. If this happens the C1-01 will not been able to detect any microSD memory card that inserted to it and it shows on the display the "NO memory card is inserted or memory card not detected".

The solution below below shows the loion of certain component that needs to be check or replace to solve C1-01 memory card not detected issues.

C1-01 microSD Memory Card Not detectedThe C1-01 MMC IC is loed and mounted just besides the microSD slot. By replacing the MMC IC will possibly fix a damaged C1-01 that does not accept or rd any microSD memory card.

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