Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Clouds & Sheep Premium v1.9.4

They're cute, they're fluffy and they love to play! Care for a flock of adorable little sheep in this excessively cute and charming sandbox game! - Play trick or trt in the scary Halloween scenario!
- Enjoy a sleigh ride through the snow!
- Let your sheep play soccer!
- Romantic mood on the valentine's pasture!
- Celebrate a big birthday party! The fluffy and sweet balls of wool love it when you play and interact with them. Adorable as they may be, they´re not very smart. If there's a poisonous mushroom, they'll t it. When the sun is shining, they'll just stand there until they have a htstroke – and when the wther turns bad, they'll happily stand under thunderclouds and rain until they ch a cold or get struck by thunder and lightning. If you keep them hlthy and entertained, they'll reward you with Happy Points and make lots of little black and white baby sheep. Ftures:
✔ Hrt-meltingly cute graphics
✔ Interact with adorable sheep
✔ Manipulate clouds and wther
✔ Innovative casual life simulation
✔ Countless bonus items, toys and gadgets
✔ More than 90 dynamic challenges
✔ Colourful settings
✔ Open-ended gameplay
✔ Take screenshots and share them with your friends
✔ Parental lock to disable in-app purchases
✔ Full tablet support * Supports Google Play game services *
* Supports Immersion haptic technology * What's New in Clouds & Sheep Premium v1.9.4
Thanks for all your feedback! Here's what's new in this version:
- Fixed sounds get muted accidentally
- Added x86 support
- Fixed crash when taking screenshots on KitKat
- New shop design
- Added support for Google Play Game Services. Sign in with your Google+ account to access online lderboards and 25 achievements.!
- Google Play™ scenario with many Android themed items
- Let your sheep win at slot machines
- Take care of a beehive and produce sweet honey
- 12 new challenges More Info in Google Play
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