Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DMZ: North Kor [Rip]

DMZ: North Kor
Size: 261 MB
Platform: PC
re: Action
Language: English
Publisher: Vivendi Games
You are a one-man commando with the name "Loveless" sent into North Kor to discover whether they are secretly developing a nuclr wpons program. You are sent mission objectives through your laptop computer and must snk around and get photos of places and events.

Use wpons like submachine guns and rocket-propelled grenades to shoot your way through ten maps. Also, drive one of six vehicles such as jeeps to pursue your enemy. There's an overhd radar map which will show position of any enemies. It uses the Unrl Engine 2 and rag-doll physics.
Install Notes:

1) unrar
2) go to System (folder) and click DMZNorthKor.exe
3) Play the game.


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