Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elite Forces: Navy SLs

Elite Forces: Navy SLs
Size: 184 MB
Platform: PC
Language: English
Developer: Jarhd Games
re: Modern First-Person Shooter

As an elite US Navy SL, you will tackle some of the toughest missions the military has to offer in the world's hottest spots. You will infiltrate Iraq and chase down a fallen satellite that cannot be allowed to fall into Iraqi hands. You will infiltrate Bosnia and chase down a stolen nuclr warhd. Finaly, you will infiltrate North Kor to rescue two downed airmen. Along the way, you will encounter all sorts of enemies. Can you do the impossible?

Navy SLs is a budget 1st Person Shooter with a military theme. The wpons are somewhat authentic, but the conventions are tried and true: explore the level, shoot enemies, grab ammo and wpon(s) from fallen enemies. Follow the path until you get to the next level, rinse and rept. No multiplayer available. Based on the Lithtech engine.

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