Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Endless Skater v1.01

Flip, Grab, and Grind your way to the longest runs and highest scores in Endless Skater! Air it out on ramps, across rails and even over the rooftops! Choose from five of the top professionals to ever set foot on a skateboard and jump into endless levels that challenge you to get as far as you can, or score as many points as you can. Discover dozens of tricks and combos – including secret, hidden signature tricks. Go for huge air, long grinds, and big flips! But watch out … you can also take some huge spills! Butifully stylized graphics will pull you into the action as you wve through the halls of the school, or jump across enormous roof gaps! Look for pickups in levels to boost your scores and GameCircle achievements! Rl pros, rl gr, rl FUN! Ftures:
- Endless level design and randomized objects! Endless gameplay!
- Two different, ever-changing environments – The School and The Rooftops
- Play as pro skaters Danny Way, Sn Malto, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, Christian Hosoi, and Ryan Decenzo!
- Discover hidden signature tricks!
- Upgradable stats to expand gameplay, combos, scores, and performance!
- Discover and master over 25 different grind, grab, spin, and flip tricks with endless combinations!
- GameCircle achievements and lderboards! What's New in Endless Skater v1.01
- Fixed skater stats issue.
- Fixed Bank and Cloud Saving. More Info in Google Play
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