Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Galaxy S 4G PCB Board Components Layout

Here's the Galaxy S 4G PCB board which shows the components and IC's mounted or used in the circuit. The major IC's used were labeled as a reference and familiarization of the entire PCB board layout.

Galaxy S 4G front PCB Motherboard IC Components:
Maxim MAX8987 DC Power Management
KB100L00WM-A453 4Gb (512 MB) of mobile DRAM which contains a 1 GHz Intrinsity Processor in a package-on-package configuration, according to the fine folks at
ST 's THOR M5730 HSPA+ Thin Modem
ST GNS7560 Single Chip GPS Solution
Bosch Sensortec Accelerometer

View the high resolution version of this .

Galaxy S 4G Back PCB Motherboard IC Components:

Broadcom BCM4329 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, and FM Tuner
ST RF5000 Radio Transceiver (part of THOR M570 chipset)
Wolfson Microelectronics WM8994 Audio C
Skyworks SKY77447 Load Insensitive Power Amplifier for WMA / HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA+ Band II
Skyworks SKY77544 TX-RX Front End Module
Skyworks SKY77460 WMA/HSPA+ Power Amplifier

View the high resolution version of this .

The Galaxy S 4G compact front and rr camera assembly flex board.

It uses a NEC MC10170 Processor cleverly mounted right to its ribbon cable.

The Galaxy S 4G hdphone jack, rpiece spker, and proximity/ambient light sensors Flex cable.

Back of the display assembly mounted the Atmel mXT 224 touchscreen controller.

The removed button capacitive touch sensors, vibrator unit, lower microphone, and antenna cable connector mounted on the same flex assembly.
There you have it the labeled Galaxy S 4G PCB Board, That's all folks!

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