Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Galaxy S L Screen Display Problem Hardware Solution

The solution below covers for Galaxy S I9000 with display problem cause by water or wet damaged.
This may only works if alrdy tried installing or replacing the whole L screen module and calibrating the device ROM but nothing happens.

This is the history before the L screen display goes wrong: "accidentally dropped in the toilet bowl" by the user. The phone still powers ON but the L display is empty or blank but still can hr tones.

Action taken:
1. Disassemble the phone then cln it by using a liquid clner and dries up.
2. Tried replacing or using another L screen, but still no luck.
3. Visually check the L pin connector then re-solder it.
4. Replace the Display filter IC's. Problem solved.
See pictures below: The pink encircled components are display filters, if damaged will result to L screen display problem of Galaxy S I9000.

We have replace it all, but we only found out that only one chip display filter is or damaged. Hope this helps and serve as a little bit information!

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