Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GeoNET GPS Navigator v8.0.427

Geonet – GPS navigator of the new eration , which allows the use of navigation maps from different vendors and manufacturers :
- OSM Maps – global map coverage from project OpenStreetMaps free update and re-relse system .
- Maps HERE – Paid collection of maps from .
- SitiGID Maps navigation service with a " mirror " , often evidence .
- Maps national manufacturers . Map is different amounts , prices, terms of use and updates . Geonet used in selecting the appropriate coverage maps on its exciting territory . On the map shown assessment and brief description of the testing phase . Geonet belong offline browser without the need to regularly connect to the Internet , allowing users to map and the absence of communiion , but also saves considerably on bandwidth . Other special ftures of the navigation software Geonet is : ☆ smooth operation and construction of highway Full support for hardware acceleration on most modern equipment . High -speed operation with a map . Route planning immediately even with the " block " . Updated daily ☆ card ( online anti ) Using the current data does not need to wait for the card reissued. Changes in conditions on the road map ( road closures , " bricks " , one-way traffic , turning restrictions , and much more ) is sent to the card ch day and automatically taken into account when developing route . ☆ routing aorithm patented taking into account traffic jams When calculating the route , the Geonet GPS navigator uses a patented aorithm " Jam 2″ proclivity move ( cork in the instructions ) , and in the absence of data on congestion traffic – the statistical information about traffic jams . ☆ Warning on danger road ( dynamic PRI service ) All users of the navigation program on the map and Geonet that voice will be notified of various events on the roads along the path of motion ( DPS ambush / STSI , dangerous ars – well (including the use of information RosYama ) , local traffic accidents , traffic at the border , and many others ) . ☆ STSI Radar Before Geonet GPS navigation warning motorists of mobile radar installations DSS / GAI and static camera combined with radar . ☆ Services " Friends " and " Comments » Recognizing the motion of your friends , share with them messages , lve comments , plan trips together . ☆ Services « SOS » Make a convenient opportunity to call a tow truck , technical assistance and other emercy services directly from the program menu . What's New in GeoNET GPS Navigator v8.0.427
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