Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hank Haney's World Golf

Hank Haney's World Golf Developer: Bluestone Interactive Publisher: IGS Games / Atari re: Relse Date: November 16, 2010 About Hank Haney's World Golf Crte, play & communie in the 2011 edition of World Golf. Players can expect new course types -- including Championship Golf, Pitch and Putt, Par 3, Crazy Golf, Mini Golf and more -- and will be able to play in a wide variety of game modes. The game boasts an all new physics engine, using rl-world data for rlistic play. 20 golf courses are included in the box, and additional courses can be downloaded and added on. The new course editor allows you to customize and crte your own courses. Download Hank Haney's World Golf – Direct Links Part 1 – 700 MB Part 2 – 700 MB Part 3 – 700 MB Part 4 – 700 MB Part 5 – 322 MB www.elj-games.blogspot.com

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