Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hulk [RIP]

Size: 161 MB
Relse: 2003
re: Action
Language: English
Platform: PC /
Publisher: Universal Interactive

Based after the events of the blockbuster (starring Eric Bana), you play Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter ego, green giant The Hulk. After fighting his way through the first yr of his new identity, Bruce and The Hulk must now face a new enemy, The Lder, who wants to use the same gamma technology that crted The Hulk in Bruce to develop an army of giants.

Levels in the game have you controlling either Bruce or The Hulk. Bruce must use his smaller size to snk around ars 'Splinter Cell' style, while The Hulk can bash and blast his way through enemy territory in every way possible, with over 40 different attacks to use.
1. unrar
2. Run setup.bat
3. Launch hulk.exe to play the game.Download

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