Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Space Battle Wallpaper v1.1

Experience an amazing 3D space battle on your phone or tablet with our Live Space Battle Wallpaper.
The mother ship is under attack and only our brave hero's can help it! Lots of lasers and explosions ensue! Follow the action through 3 different cameras, which you can choose from the settings menu (double tap the screen for fast, sy access to the options):
-Hero camera: follow our hero in the chase of the villains that attack our mother ship. Fight and defend!
-Attacker camera: you rather to be the anti-hero? then this is your point of view.
-Panoramic camera: the big picture, from here you can see the whole action and how the mother ship takes ht from all sides. Rdy to run on and tablets. Optimized as spectacular, It loads fast and run smooth while moving more than 20 space ships at the same time!
You'll never see so much action in a live wallpaper. Pew pew pew!! What's New in Live Space Battle Wallpaper v1.1
- nothing new More Info in Google Play
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