Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Medal of - PC Game

Medal of Developer: Danger Close Digital Illusions CE (DICE) Publisher: Electronic Arts re: Shooter Relse Date: October 12, 2010 (US) About Medal of Over 2 million Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines wr the uniform. Of those, approximately 50 thousand fall under the direct control of the Special Operations Command. The Tier 1 Operator functions on a plane of existence above and beyond even the most highly trained Special Operations Forces. Their exact s, while classified, hover in the low hundreds. They are living, brthing, precision instruments of war. They are experts in the appliion of violence. The new Medal of is inspired by and has been developed with Tier 1 Operators from this elite community. Players will step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan. Minimum System Requirements OS: XP (SP3), Vista, 7 CPU: Pentium D 3.2GHz / Core 2 Duo / Athlon 64 X2 or faster RAM: 2GB or more DRIVE: 8x of faster drive HDD: 10GB of free space : DirectX 9.0c compatible card Card: 256MB or grter memory and the following chipsets: nVidia GeForce 7800GT, ATI X1900 or higher. Laptop versions of these cards may work but are not supported.  • SOUND: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card ONLINE: 512 KB/sec or faster connection Recommended System Requirements OS: Vista(SP2), 7 CPU: QuadCore 2.0 GHz RAM: 2GB or more : DirectX 10 card: 512MB of VRAM and one of the following chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon 4870 Download Medal of – Direct Links Part 1 – 700 MB Part 2 – 700 MB Part 3 – 700 MB Part 4 – 700 MB Part 5 – 700 MB Part 6 – 700 MB Part 7 – 700 MB Part 8 – 700 MB Part 9 – 700 MB Part 10 – 700 MB Part 11 – 324 MB www.elj-games.blogspot.com

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