Tuesday, May 24, 2016

News+ | Google News RSS Rder Premium v1.0.7

Since Google has decided to shutdown Google Rder, lots of new and innovative RSS services have arose to light. Many of those services appred as worthy replacements, and even an upgrade. We couldn't choose just one or two, and we also had to make some decisions about how our work will continue. We decided not to pick! We crted a new app that is the successor of gRder, taking it's ftures and functionality but supports as many rding services as possible: News+. * Simple, fast and intuitive Our goal was to crte a news rder with the best possible rding experience. Our users LOVED how customizable gRder is, and it made sense because a lot of the fture ids came from the community itself. So, on News+ users can also quickly rd their feeds in a simple and intuitive user interface. Article pages can be reduced to the minimum of just the main contents, so that a rder could just concentrate on, well… rding! Consuming content at places without an internet connection is also possible using the grt offline Rding ftures. You can also let News+ rd your news to you when out laud, lving your hands free for other tasks. These and many more ftures could be found on the ftures page, at http://ift.tt/1d5fyt6. * Why choose just one service? Supporting extensions in News+ The power of News+ is as an aggregator. We took gRder's functional ftures and added the ability to expand News+ with extensions. Not just for RSS services, but Rd Later services as well (Pocket, Rdability or Instapaper), and news websites could be integrated too. We plan on integrating more and more services to News+, making it a one-stop-shop for all your news and articles needs. In a single, unified user interface, you can now rd and consume content from various different services, and the list will just get bigger and bigger. Extensions are independent app that can be crted and published by everyone. News+ recognized the extensions by itself and shows them directly in the app. Here is a list of current services News+ supports: * Google News
* Feedly
* InoRder
* Bazqux
* Tiny Tiny Rss
* FeedBin
* NewsBlur
* SubRder
* Reedah
* CommaRder
* Pocket Finally, we encourage the News+ community to crte extension, and have them published to everyone! What's New in News+ | Google News RSS Rder Premium v1.0.7
* Fixed: Chinese language issue
* Fixed: Offline encoding issue
* Fixed: fit issue
* New: Action buttons in notifiion for Podcast and Voice Rding
* Fixed: Rd/Unrd issue with Pocket+
* Fixed: Many small bug fixes
* New: Article font size, font type, text alignment (Article View: Menu->Fonts)
* Improved: Widget 4×1 added and other improvements
* Improved: Offine usage for Google News items
* Fixed: Widget issue
* Fixed: Text-To-Speech issue More Info in Google Play
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