Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Next Episode – Track Shows v2.1

sily track all your favorite shows and discover new – grt ones that YOU'll like! Cln interface, useful and unique ftures and a joy to use – this is Next Episode! MAIN FTURES MY SHOWS – you add your favorite shows, and Next Episode will track them for you RECENT – see what shows just aired and what is coming tomorrow. See all the shows or just the ones you like. CALENDAR – see a calendar view, again – filled with all the shows or just the ones you watch. WHAT'S NEXT – the shows from MY SHOWS with a countdown, ordered by when their next episode will be aired. EPISODES – new episodes from MY SHOWS appr in there once they air. A grt way to keep an eye of all unwatched (or not downloaded yet) episodes! HOT SHOWS – see which were the most popular recently premiered shows, and find something new to watch! TREDNING SHOWS – see all time top shows or popular within a time period! RECOMMENDED SHOWS – get personalized recommendations based on the shows you alrdy watch. SHOW DETAILS – See more about the series. A picture, short description, channel, duration, , next/previous episode info, ssons/episodes schedule with episodes summaries and air dates etc. – check out shows and sily discover grt series that you'll like. A unique functionality that only Next Episode has! Take a look at the screenshots and the grt rating that our users give us – and start using Next Episode today! ** Plse note, the RD PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY permission is needed ONLY for the app to be able to rd your DEVICE ID which is used when storing your "My Shows" list etc. It's harmless, and could not be reliably done without having to require that permission. ** What's New in Next Episode – Track Shows v2.1
- Fully redesigned, everything is much clner, quicker and simpler now
- Recent / Calendar is now a rl calendar view, with toggle-able months
- Series Details contain more info (like channel, hour, runtime, next episode summary)
- – there are now for most popular shows (and more are added all the time)
- Srch directly in My Shows – srches both your shows and new ones
- Added Trending and Recommended shows charts
- The loading should be barely noticble More Info in Google Play
Down File from Google Drive
Down File from Dropbox.com

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