Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Power Toggles v5.2.3

Contains 40+ toggles including
Mobile Data (3G/4G)
Bluetooth (toggle, discovery and tether),
Custom appliion shortcut
Custom system shortcuts
And many more… Supports homescreen widgets and notifiion widget. Also supports expandable notifiion widget on Jelly Bns.
Lockscreen widgets on android 4.2
Many customization options like changing color theme and icons for individual toggles. Backup and share widget settings from the widget configure screen (Menu > Import / Export) as well as various themes for multi-icon toggles and battery toggle. Permissions:
android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER: Required for running root commands. No effect on non-rooted . Users will still get the prompt asking for permission when running root command. http://ift.tt/1g3FJ1P
android.permission.CAMERA: Required for the flashlight to work.
android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: required to display a toggle choice popup when using notifiion widget (Only on gingerbrd) Note: on gingerbrd, direct notifiion toggle is not possible. The clicking the notifiion widget, it displays a popup to choose an action. FAQ
1) Can the GPS toggle be single click instd of a shortcut to system settings?
No. Direct GPS toggle is not possible due to security restrictions on android. 2) Where is the 4G toggle button or the 2G toggle button?
There is an unified mobile data toggle button, which should work for all networks (2G/3G/4G). On some mobiles Wimax toggle would also work.
Simply add this toggle and change the icon on the global settings screen. The icon is only for the display purpose and serve no functionality changes. 3) The flashlight is not working on my device.
Flashlight is only supported on a limited of devices. I am not able to support many devices as I don't have access to those. 4) Can the notifiion widget icon be removed.
No. Current android API does not support a notifiion without an icon. You can instd use a transparent icon or a battery icon. 5) The notifiion widget is pushed to the bottom when a new notifiion arrives.
Android currently does not support adding a notifiion which is always on the top. You can enable an accessibility service which pushes the widget on the top whenever a new notifiion arrives.
On the main appliion screen, click the pin icon in the notifiion section, and enable the "Power Controls" accessibility service to make the widget pin to the top of the notifiion ar. Feel free to suggest more toggle button ids.
Plse go through the Help and FAQ section in the app (fully srchable) twice before reporting a bug, most likely it is alrdy answered there.
It is difficult for me to reply to ch email individually, some of the emails may get lost in the huge list of unrd mails. If you do not get a reply within a week, ping me again. What's New in Power Toggles v5.2.3
Version 5.2.4
Fixed GPS issues with last update
Includes some performance optimizations
Added settings for GPS toggle (option to use GPS and network provider) for rooted devices
Version 5.2
Option to run a battery service instd of polling
Configurable double click interval More Info in Google Play
Down File from Google Drive
Down File from Dropbox.com

Put the internet to work for you. via Personal Recipe 8576259

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