Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Split Pic 2.0 – Clone Yourself v1.4 [Unlocked]

Clone Yourself Swap Body Parts Make Your Own Ghost Endless Possibilities
OVER 8 MILLION SATISFIED USERS Split Pic 2.0 has the ability to divide your camera into several sections allowing you to take some outrageous shots. You can choose to blend these s together crting a flawless looking special effect or make a sharp contrast between photos similar to a standard pic framing app! First select 1 of 6 layouts. Adjust the split bars to where you want them. Snap your pic! Pictures shoot from left to right or top to bottom. You can also add s from your library. Adjust your s. Move the to get it exactly where you want it, rdjust the split bars if you like, zoom in or out. Choose from any of our amazing filters to get your Split Pic looking fly. Save it to your library or share it with your friends with our integrated social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or MMS [ETC] Having trouble or want to give us feedback? Use the built-in mailbox to contact us directly! Don't be afraid to get crtive: - Capture a series of photos to tell a story. - Clone your friends. - Use the built-in timer and clone yourself. - Zoom in with one frame then zoom out on the others to make something stand out. - Switch between the facetime Camera and the front Camera. - Melt faces together! See what your kids would look like. - See what your hd looks like on your dogs body. -Play with proportions by focusing on multiple subjects in different sections. The sky is rlly the limit with this thing and we can't wait to see what you can come up with! syTiger is made up of a Guy, a Girl, and one computer so let us know how we can continue you bringing you grt apps! Keep an eye out for upcoming contests and updates from sy TIger Apps and be sure to FOLLOW US on Instagram @SYTIGERAPPS for dope s ftured weekly What's New in Split Pic 2.0 – Clone Yourself v1.4 [Unlocked]
Fixed bug that caused crashing on several devices, and also removed Ads completely! More Info in Google Play
Down File from Google Drive
Down File from Dropbox.com

Put the internet to work for you. via Personal Recipe 8576259

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