Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ST: Red Alert Wallpaper v3.1

A live wallpaper imitating the Star Trek Red Alert signal. But it's not just some eye candy, true to its original purpose it will help you to monitor your device and alert you about any important events. Missed a call from your friend without noticing? You won't ever again when the Red Alert flashes on your screen and the klaxon calls for your attention Currently the following events can be set to trigger the yellow or red alert:
- Messages: SMS, MMS, GMail, Skype*, WhatsApp*, Kik*, Viber*
- Missed Calls: Phone, Skype*, Viber*
- Alarm Clock
- Battery Level and charging state
- Phone Temperature
- Failed Unlock Attempts
- Signal Loss (WiFi or Mobile)
- Voice Commands (experimental) * Skype, Kik, Viber and WhatsApp support needs Android 4.3 or newer Check out the free version to get an impression of this wallpaper. Used Permissions:
"Rd Contacts/SMS/Call Logs" permissions are used to switch the alert on new Phone Calls/SMS. Record Audio is used for Voice Commands.
No Networking permissions are requested. If you found a bug, have a problem or want to send me feedback/suggestions, plse write a mail (address is listed below). What's New in ST: Red Alert Wallpaper v3.1
- Added support for Viber and Kik Messenger (needs Android 4.3 or newer)
- Added the option to dismiss one alert event at a time with a double tap rather than all at once
- You can now set a list of s (instd of only one) as wallpaper for Green/Blue Alert and they will be cycled through (or chosen randomly) at the set interval.
- Added support for WhatsApp (needs Android >= 4.3). Just as for SMS and Calls you can also set the alert by contact and show the senders picture. More Info in Google Play
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