Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Street Fighter Leds MU

Street Fighter Leds MU
Size: 256 MB
Platform: PC
re: Fighting
Language: EnglishWelcome back to Super Street Fighter 2 HR Mu Remix, now Street Fighter Leds!!!

The rson the game is changed is because originally this game was going to be MVC style (since it alrdy had the combo chaining) and now since there are for most of the SF characters I decided to do the game like this. Also the rson why the scoring is removed is because it causes the characters to be buggy and who cares about scoring in a fighting game you just want to own people lol!!

Plse note that this game is for Mu 1.0 so that's way the screenpack doesn't have much going on in it and it's pretty much an edit of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Screenpack by Hatabow, so you may need a decent comp to run this!! Also there is still a lot more to be done with this game such as more characters, stages, hitsparks, win quotes, some changes in the screenpack, intro etc.!!Download

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