Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SWAT 4 (Rip)

Size: 672 MB
Relse Date: 2005
Language: English
Platform: PC
Developer: Irrational Games
re: Modern First-Person Shooter
In the fourth game of the venerable SWAT series, you play as a Special Wpons and Tactics element commander at a fictional police department. Using rlistic SWAT tactics, you must command your four man tm to dl with high risk situations while minimizing casualties. But this is not a game for the itchy trigger finger. You must follow strict rules of engagement, and shooting a suspect before he or she points a gun at someone will cost you.

Using a variety of wpons, such as standard assault rifles or less lethal wpons ranging from bnbag shotguns to Tazers to modified paintball guns that shoot pepper spray balls, you can maneuver the two man squads that make up your five man (including you) element independently or together, as well as get useful recon from snipers (who you can control through a picture-in-picture interface).

The game has a single player career mode as well as an Instant Action mode that erates a random mission using an existing map. You can also customize objectives for a single player mission. Multiplayer includes tm-based SWAT vs. suspects games as well as cooperative play with up to five players.
1) Run SWAT 4.exe
2) Install the game
3) Start game with Swat4.exe in \System folder.Download

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