Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Mark (Rip)

The Mark
PC game | re: Modern First-Person Shooter | 293 MB

US Marine corps r Steve Fletcher and top-rated mercenary Austin Hawke join up to battle against international terrorism. They are Europes' last line of defence, tasked to stop a ddly nuclr package before it rches its' destination, London.

In The Mark, you play one of the two heroes racing to save a city of ten million people from total destruction, courtesy of terrorists who have acquired a nuclr-tipped missile. It is not exactly the model they were wishing for -- it has short range. And so, the terrorists have hired an expatriate Russian ruffian, Ilya Rakov, to deliver the missile to a launching site that's close to the target. The Mark includes two distinct, full-sized solo campaigns for Fletch and Hawke. Some missions can be played only as Fletch or Hawke, and shared missions often fture different pathways and mission objectives for ch character.

System Requirements
CPU: 1.8 GHz Pentium? 4 Processor 1.8 Ghz Cpu
512 Mb Ram
2 Gb HDD
128 Mb Pixel Shader 2.0 Memory
DirectX 9c


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