Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Truck Driver Highway Race 3D+ v1.2

Hey hey, good buddy. Back up and start haulin'. Were back with the next installment of truck driver pro. This is the version that has no ads. 16 RACE COURSES
Two different settings with 8 tracks on ch setting. See how fast you can bt them all. Rl Road conditions – wind, traffic, guardrails. Watch out for the cops! SY TO PLAY
High quality interface with all the elements a rl truck driver would have. Gas pedal, brake, distance to destination MULTIPLE VIEWS
Choose either behind the wheel or from the rr. RL TRUCK DAMAGE
Don't get too much damage or your truck will start to smoke. You know what they say about smoke – it aint good when your haulin stuff in a big rig. RL TRUCK SOUNDS
CB radio chatter as well as engine and brake sounds EXCELLENT 3D GRAPHICS
The truck models used in the game are as true to life as you will find in the best truck racing games. The highway comes to life. Watch out for that oncoming bus! SCORING FOR CH TRACK
See if you can get a perfect score on ch track We feel this is one of the most rlistic truck driving experience you will find for mobile devices. Plse don't be shy to lve us a review. Love it or hate it – we would like to hr from you. Good luck racing! Download Truck Driver Highway Race 3D+ v1.2 APK
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