Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Writing Challenge v1.3

With Writing Challenge you will enjoy a game with crtive prompts to spark your inspiration and master free writing. Forget about the fr to blank page. Your writing won't stop. HOW DOES IT WORK? It's sy. You just have to press "start" and the app gives you the first prompt to start writing your story. Choose the one that you most like and fire up your writing. Then, every minute (or the time you choose in the app settings) the app will give you a new prompt for you to add new ids, words, characters, sentences, places or actions to the plot. Quite a challenge to turn your writing into a game! THIS APP IS GOING TO MAKE YOU… • Improve your writing. The best way to lrn how to write is writing, and you're going to write a lot.
• Write everywhere. You will make the most of the time by sparking your crtivity.
• Inspired. Forget about crtive blocks and carry always the muses with you.
• Get fun. Because writing must be funny and when we enjoy, everything gets sier.
• Motivated. With this app, writing is like a game and you will want to write daily. WRITING TIPS TO USE THIS APP: • Relax. Let yourself go and don't fix the text as you write. You will have time to check it out later.
• Find your own rhythm. The time between the story steps is 1 minute, but you can change it and adjust it to your style of writing.
• Try out. If you don't like the first prompt, don't worry. Try different options to trigger the spark.
• Don't censor yourself. Write the first thing that comes to your hd, no matter what. Free your crtivity.
• Persevere. Write every day. Writing is like any other discipline: it takes practice, practice and more practice.
• Share. Use the app to crte a longer story and share it in the NaNoWriMo writing marathon.
• Have fun. Use the app exercises as a game. This way your writing will flow sily and the result will be better.
• Enjoy your ids in company. You can also use the app with your friends and crte grt stories together step by step. Improvise and experience free writing is now funnier than ever. Grt for all kind of writers, young and old. You will never fr the blank page again. Express your crtivity and have fun. Happy writing!! What's New in Writing Challenge v1.3
We've fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes.
Enjoy and happy writing! More Info in Google Play
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