Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ADW APEX GO – Chiclets Theme v3.4

Over 1800 one of a kind and unique styled icons you cant find ANYWHERE else. These are very shiny, glass and glossy like icons, in full sized Hi-Def HD quality.
They are big icons! If your launcher of choice allows changing of size, try it! ★ FTURES
- We have a one of a kind "Srch" function
- This theme contains over 1800 icons!!
- They all theme from the drawer!
- Can be applied as theme with almost all launchers
- 6 Custom Wallpapers
- 5 Glass and Glossy Docks
- 4 Drawer Backgrounds
+ The Apps2SD fture is enabled, but is unadvised. ★ HOW TO USE
All the instructions are available if you click "OPEN" after download, its very important to follow them! ★ WORKS AS
- Go Launcher Theme
- ADW Theme
- Apex Theme
- Nova Theme
- Nemus Theme ★ ICONS WORK WITH:
- TSF Shell
- Rabbit Launcher
- Atom Launcher
- Holo Launcher
- Launcher Pro
- dxTop Lite
- Crazy Home
- Panda Home
- Open Home
- MX Home
- VTL Launcher
- Circle Launcher
- Desktop Visualizer DVR
- Folder Organizer
- Launcher-X ★ BETTER THAN ALL
Completely theme's all system icons on many devices, including:
- Jellybn Android
- Ice Crm Sandwich
- Honeycomb
- Gingerbrd
- Miui
- TouchWiz
- CyanoMod
- Sense 2.5 to Sense 4
- If were missing something, plse email! ★ LIKE THIS?
Plse check out our other matching apps!
Srch for "DCOMOBILE" in the market!
We hope you enjoy!!
Show us some <3 and lve comments! ★ EXTRA INFO
The clock in the screen shots is 'BobClockD3' (free)
Pressing 'open' after downloading will only open our info screen. ★ Error with GOLauncher?
When you go to manually select an Icon in GO Launcher, to use our amazing organized and srchable index of icons, select the icon above the "reset" button when in the Go selection mode. If your Gallery app opens, you need to "clr defaults" for your gallery app. Using this method to select icons makes it much sier for Go Launcher to load the icons, and much sier to find the icons your looking for. What's New in ADW APEX GO – Chiclets Theme v3.4
- Updated icon-themeing
- PLSE RATE AND COMMENT More Info in Google Play
Down File from Google Drive
Down File from Dropbox.com

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