Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PolyClock™ World Clock v6.4

The world-class world clock. Day, night, and timezones at a glance on digital & analog clocks, map and globe. Timezone troubles solved with PolyClock's exclusive daylight clock technology. "Try it and see why this is considered one of the best world clock apps out there." – Lets Talk Tablets, 11 Must Have Business Apps for your Android Tablet "Idl for business users, the app allows you to schedule meetings and set alarms for any time zone so you can avoid confusion when travelling for work." – Techrepublic, 20 top Android apps for business users "It looks superb and enables you to brk down all aspects of the clock" – The 2011 Android App Guide (magazine) "BEST world clock app I've used by far. Widgets are crtive & informative." – gbrown321 "Ability to scroll forward or back to calculate timezone differences is a huge benefit." – Patrick
"UI friendly, grt graphics, use it everyday." – Phillip More than just a multi-timezone clock:
- Exclusive daylight clock technology illustrates time differences by comparing day & night between cities
- Day, night, & extent of time zone displayed on map & globe
- Set alarms for any time zone on your list
- Plan meetings with just a swipe of the finger, or jump directly to any date/time
- Double-tap any clock for even more details: sunrise, sunset, DST…
- Can automatically correct your phone's time zone setting
- sily add any city on rth, as many clocks as you like
- Lots of apprance options
- Will work without Internet connection – grt for travel
- Uses its own internal timezone database, insulated from obsolete timezones on your device
- 3 styles of widget; all are resizable on Android 3.1+, and available in multiple sizes on rlier OS versions Idl for:
· Business people dling with multiple time zones
· People with friends and family in other time zones
· Travelers
· Time geeks Supports installation to SD card. However: doing so will disable the widgets. This is a "fture" of Android, and isn't something I can fix. Supports all current time zone changes, including Russia's "permanent summer time". However: your phone probably doesn't. If you are in an affected zone, add it to PolyClock, then use Menu > Apply Zone to override your phone's outdated time zone data. Requires the following permissions:
Required to display the Local city and zone.
Required to srch for time zones and download satellite ry.
Used to store various s for faster operation.
Required to apply time zones from PolyClock to the device.
Required to re-establish alarms after device reboot.
Used to vibrate the device when an alarm sounds. What's New in PolyClock™ World Clock v6.4
• Time zone change for Crim (tzdata 2014b)
• Improve time zone borders around Greece and Tur
• Improve alarm notifiion icons (this is also preparing for Android Wr)
• Fix bug: partial transparency in resizable widget goes away
• Fix bug: local clock moving to top of list when when "Use device loion" selected
• Fix some rare crash bugs More Info in Google Play
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