Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bch Hd 2002

Bch Hd 2002
PC game | re: Rail Shooting | 21 MBAddictive arcade action returns to your computer. Single-handedly you repel the onslaught and pummel your attackers through the night. Then, as day brks, carry the battle inland to defend your command post against an all out air and ground assault. The enemy is on to your defensive tactics. It will take more than incidents of grt valor to rch the next level in Bch Hd 2002.


* Captivating ground battle turns your computer into an sandbagged bunker
* Explosive 3D virtual warfare with M-60s' six-barrel Vulcan MGs, ht seeking missiles and more
* Progressively difficult missions with sophistied enemy lice
* Dramatic nighttime battles fturing paratroopers, helicopters and tanks
* Conquer the game controls in minutes, play the game all night

Bch Hd 2002

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