Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Scrmer 4x4 (Rip)

Scrmer 4x4
PC game | English | re: Racing | 171 MB

Scrmer 4x4 is one of the most accurate 4WD-vehicle simulations ever crted - it offers all the excitement of off-road driving, placing your vehicle in some of the toughest terrain around. Race over a variety of courses passing through gates that define the route that you must take. Finish in the top three and move onto the next race. Sounds sy, does it?


Super rlistic handling and physics it is like driving the rl thing, highly detailed vehicle models, six equally challenging and tough off road terrains to survive, face the elements in all kinds of wther and at any time of day or night, take up the challenge in free drive championships, trophy races and pathfinder mode, 5 unique multiplayer games.

1: extract with winrar or 7zip
2: Play the game with Scrmer4x4_gl.exe

1: Don’t run Launcher.exe
2: after running the game press enter repetively until the game starts. Download

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