Tuesday, May 24, 2016

C1-00 Insert SIM Card Problem Solution

Here's the C1-00 Insert Sim Card Error Problem Solution, and this solution shows the connection line paths (Jumper Ways) to sily fix the device if it doesn't detect any SIM card inserted to it.

There are two Sim card slot for the C1-00, so you may only check which one has a problem. If both SIM slot do have the trouble, you may first try to restore the device flash firmware.
To sily fix insert SIM card problem of C1-00, you may first check and cln the SIM card pin connector for possible damaged and oxidation build-ups.
Once the SIM card pin connectors alrdy confirmed okay. You may refer to the solution below and do have some hardware check and test procedures.

C1-00 Insert SIM card Problem Solution Connection Line Paths and Components Layout
The solution above shows the detailed info of the C1-00 SIM card connection.
You may use to trace ch corresponding SIM card pins connection down to where it is being connected.
The layout also shows the solder ball bumps where the SIM data signals is feeds from the main power chip for deeper troubleshooting procedures for there is a tendency that you may also need to remove and rework the said IC, just to fix the C1-00 with Insert SIM Card Error Problem.

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