Tuesday, May 24, 2016

C1 Solution for C1-01 MIC microphone moutiece not working

If encountered to fix a C1-01 microphone problem, here's the solution that might possibly solved the problem. The Solution below shows the microphone module on the C1-01 PCB board that needs to check or replace if found damaged.

The MIC module is loed and mounted at the bottom of the PCB board layout. nr the antenna terminal contact pins.There are four components being mounted nr to it and this are composed of filter coils and an ESD protection resistor or capacitors.

C1-01 MIC - microphone moutiece SolutionYou may check the filter coils first, if the coils is open or alrdy busted replaced it.
If the filter coils were okay you proceed to replace the MIC module if found damaged.

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