Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Close Quarters Conflict (RIP)

Close Quarters Conflict
Size: 327 MB
Platform: PC
Language: English
Publisher: Groove Games
re: Modern First-Person Shooter

Private Military Corporations (PMCs) have become big business, as small governments and large multi-national corporations have incrsingly come to rely on the flexibility, value and discretion that PMCs provide in their security schemes. One PMC, the Darkrock Corp, has been contracted by Lubriconn International to secure the relse of oil crews held hostage by the Venezuelan government, beginning a series of events that led to the overthrow of the Venezuelan government, lving the country in the stewardship of Lubiconn. As Lubriconn's grip on the global oil market tightens, EurOil, the second largest oil company in the world, retains the services of Force Objective International, Darkrock's principal competitor, to regain control of those oil facilities and other energy producing assets.

Now, these two corporations, staffed with the crm of the Specwar crop (Navy SLs, US Army Recon Rangers, SAS, GIGN, SPEZNAZ), square off in squad combat around the world, the ultimate mercenaries. Where governments can't or won't get involved, when lobbying fails, the PMCs will answer the call... if the price is right.

This game was first made available via gameplay on the SkillGround community play service.
Install Notes

1) run Unpak.bat
2) Start game with 'CqC.exe' in \System folder.Download

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