Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Metal Gr Solid: Integral (For PC)

Metal Gr Solid : Integral
File Size: 679 MB
File Type: ISO
Platform: PC
Relse: 2000
Language: English
Developer: Konami
re: Modern Action Adventure

The first MGS explosion effect of a nuclr bomb. He was shocked, brought in a state of lyrical tetanus, put on the spot. He became the first sign of cinematic games or not, even interactive ! The game is so perfect, licked up hrommirovannogo brilliance and attention to detail that gave the impression that the whole world of games and cinema has been taken very best to give birth to a masterpiece for all time. Despite this, felt the novelty, originality, conceptual. It was unlike anything he had seen everything rlier.

This has never been and is unlikely ever again to the same extent and with the same scale. MGS has erated a cult and a galaxy of games-imitators. Triumph of the ius crtor Hideo Kojima, who invented almost everything: from the mechanics of gameplay to the script made him a star and allowed to stand in one line with universally recognized masters of the industry, such as Shigeru Miyamoto and Yuji Naka. The entire edition of MGS was instantly swept away from the shelves, the game became multiplatiumnoy in Japan, North America and Europe. MGS has received the highest ratings in the gaming press and got a bunch of awards and regalia. Download

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